Where can we see actual Yotsui Kimono products ?:

Mainly big departments and some specific Kimono shops in Tokyo. And there are some shops which have Yotsui Kimono except Tokyo so we’d appreciate if we could have your inquiry to our mail : info@yotsui.jp

Can we buy Yotsui Kimono not as a fabric but after sewing to Kimono shape :

Yes, we can. Can we have your request to our e-mail ?  info@yotsui.jp

Can we order custom-made Kimono or other products, with own favorite color and motif ?

Yes, we can. Could you please tell us your thoughts to our e-mail ? We can get back to you soon.

Are there “Kaga Yuzen” ?:

Yotsui doesn’t belong to “Kaga Yuzen Union” so that we don’t use Kaga Yuzen trade mark.

Can we order custom-made products except the products on HP ?

It depends on the products so can we have an inquiry mail to us ?  info@yotsui.jp

Can we treat Yotsui Kimono at our shops ?

We’d appreciate if we could have your inquiry through our e-mail.

Can we ask the prices ?:

Could you please tell us which product you would like to know about ? We will communicate via our e-mail.

How can we pay ?

We can accept Paypal or T/T remittance. Payment needs to be done prior to the shipment. Could we have your request to our mail beforehand ?

  • If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We will soon get back to you through our e-mail. info@yotsui.jp