The most important concept of Yotsui Kimono Design is “Kimono is a Fashion.”

Yuzen-Dyeing was born in Edo period.

Why this Yuzen-Dyeing was born ?

Before appearing Yuzen-Dyeing, Kimono pattern/expression was made by embroidery. Those embroidery Kimono could be owned only by rich people since embroidery takes so long time and also with more embroidery Kimono getting more weight.

However Yuzen-Dyeing can be made with shorter time and the weight itself is not so heavy. Moreover Yuzen-Dyeing can express more freely and gorgeous than embroidery so that a lot of women were attracted soon. Even now lightweight clothes is better of course.

Yotsui Kimono Design is created to make women more happy by wearing fashionable Kimono fabric same as the period of Edo when Yuzen-Dyeing was originally born.